Security Tips


Your PIN

Keep your PIN secret, do not give it to other people and, do not let someone else see you when you are at the ATM, as this could cause them to try to assault you or try to clone your account.


Help from strangers

Do not allow a strange person to help you, in case the ATM shows any problem, usually they are criminals. The only people who can help you, are the bank workers.


Look around

When using an ATM, look who is around you. Do not enter your personal password if there are people with a suspicious appearance, such as under the influence of alcohol or drugs. And try to go with someone else, preferably if your friend / relative is outside.


Withdraw the necessary

Based on your savings amount, the ATM allows you to withdraw an amount, but if you only need a specific amount, do not withdraw more. In case of assault, they will not steal everything.


Strange screen

Are not defects of the system, but there are occasions when the screen is strange, or different from the rest of the machine; it is also possible that you will find overlapping objects. If so, do not use that ATM.


Change your PIN

Periodically, change your PIN, because if you lost your card or someone steals it, criminals will not have so easy to withdraw the money from your account or clone it.


Remove your card

Although it seems obvious, forget the card is more common than you think. Always check that the operation in the ATM is complete and go home with the card. It does not matter if you need to check twice.